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Film Transfer

For information regarding the pricing for Film Transfer and the rest of our services, please refer to our Price List .

We are able to process the following movie film formats: Regular 8 mm, Super 8 mm, and 16 mm.

We are able to fit approximately 1,600 feet of film onto one DVD. If you have a mixture of film formats, we may not be able to transfer 1,600 feet onto a DVD. There is no footage limit on a USB order. In most cases, your footage will be transferred to a single USB, but if it exceeds our USB storage capacity, you will receive additional USBs at no additional charge.

Your Film Transfer includes a personalized DVD or a USB, plus a Digital Copy with MemoryCloud online access where you have the ability to view, download, order copies, and save the transferred video to Google Photos (available for 60 days after your order is processed).

DVD copies will contain the following:
  • Continuous play of your footage in the sequence requested
  • DVD chapters created at natural scene breaks
  • DVD case with thumbnail images of each chapter
  • Title, theme, and background music (if selected)
  • 3 music video trailers (1 minute each)
  • 80 JPEG images taken from your footage
Your USB will contain the following:
  • A MP4 video file of your digitally transferred film
  • Audio from Movie Film (if selected)

Your original film reels and cases will be returned once your order has completed processing. During our transfer process, your film will be cleaned, spliced, and combined onto new 7-inch reels. Your original reels will be returned empty.

Yes, we can preserve the audio from your film reels if you select the “Audio from Movie Film” option when placing your order. Although rare, some film was recorded with original audio. If you have gold or copper-colored magnetic strips running along both edges of your Super 8 mm film strip, or a clear optical strip with an audio wave on your 16 mm film strip, you have original audio.

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