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Saving to Google Photos

With a Google Photos account, you will get:
  • An online home for all videos and photos, automatically organized and easily searchable
  • One place to share old memories with new ones
  • The ability to create fun animations, collages, movies, and more
  • Your digitized videos and photos saved at the original transfer quality

A Google Account is required to save your videos and photos to Google Photos. If you don’t have a Google Account, you can set up an account for free.

  1. Sign in to your MemoryCloud account.
  2. Activate your Digital Copy .
  3. Click on the thumbnail of the Digital Copy you want to save.
  4. From the Digital Copy viewing page, click "Save to Google Photos".
  5. You will be redirected to Google to authenticate your Google Account.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email when your memories have been saved to Google Photos; it may take up to 48 hours for your memories to appear in Google Photos.

You can save all the videos and photos in your account by clicking the "Save to Google Photos" button, located on the right panel of the home page.

Beginning in January 2021, Google account storage quota will apply to orders added directly to Google Photos from your MemoryCloud account.

Your Google account comes with 15GB of free storage. If your order causes the storage quota to exceed 15GB, we will not upload your order to Google Photos. To use this feature, you will need to reduce your Google Cloud storage or upgrade your Google storage plan (requires subscription fee). Your order will not automatically upload to Google Photos until you have upgraded your Google storage allotment.

Digitized photos and videos added to Google Photos in 2020 or earlier will not be subject to Google account storage quota.

If your order causes your Google account to exceed 15GB of storage, you can use Google Photos unlimited free storage by following these steps:

  1. Download your digitized order from your MemoryCloud account.
  2. Log into Google Photos, and go into settings.
  3. In settings, change the upload size setting to "High Quality".
  4. Upload your order to Google Photos.

By uploading to Google Photos yourself (using the "High Quality" setting), your order will not increase your Google account storage usage, and you will not be subject to Google Cloud subscription fees.

Note: Google storage quota applies to orders added to Google Photos on and after 1/17/2021 – not when you placed your order.

Once you receive the "Your Memories are Ready for Online Viewing!" email, you have 60 days to visit MemoryCloud and save your transferred memories to Google Photos.

Yes, all your videos and photos are saved at the original transfer quality.

Yes! You can download your videos and photos from your Google Photos account. Video files will be downloaded as MP4 files; photos will be downloaded as JPEG images.

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